Juan José Cordo Nuñez (alias Juanito)

Juan José Cordo Nuñez (alias Juanito)

The person who will have the responsibility of reaching the top, which has been a fan of mountaineering since the age of 17, sharing successes with well-known people like Juan Eusebio Oiarzabal Urteaga, better known by Juanito Oiarzabal, the first Spaniard to succeed in crowning the 14 eight-thousanders of the earth . Juan José Cordo, also called Juanito, managed to carry out multiple rock and ice climbs throughout most of Europe, Lebanon, Israel and Mauritania.

3000 m
More than 180 coronations in several mountains and mountain ranges around the world. Among them we can find the Aneto crowned on 5 occasions by different routes, Maladeta crest, Pico de Alba, Cregueña Needle, Pic de la Munia, Massif de Balaitús and its sets, in the National Park of Ordesa and Monte Perdido with several repetitions, 9 Coronations of Monte Perdido by Ordesa y Pineta, Pico Perdiguero, Pico Posets, the Tooth of Llardana, Cresta de Espada, Punta Alta and Besiberris with its circular, Norte Pico Viñemala Classic and Petit Viñemale with its cresterio. More than 35 Coronations of Pedraforca for almost all its roads.

4000 m
The highest in Europe Mont Blan Du Tacul, Mont Maudit, Col Brenna, Monte Rosa, Braitror, ​​Beaver, Wismies, Matterhorn, Great Paradiso, Monte Tubqal, Ras de Oukrim, Timesguida (Jebel Ouanoukrim), Toubkal, Jbel Hebri.

Víctor De la Torre Ruiz

Víctor De la Torre Ruiz

Important component of the team, will be responsible for maintaining links between Juanillo, the advanced field and the CB (Base Field). Among its tasks is the control of the weather and inform progress to the rest of the team in Spain.

Currently he is 41 years old, of which more than 25 have dedicated them to sports. Among them we can find mountaineering, hiking and trekking, a great passionate mountain!
For 3 years he practiced BTT, running and diving in Apnea mode.

Chemo Burruezo Arias

Chemo Burruezo Arias

Passionate about the mountain and nature. Entrepreneur of personal projects and help in social causes.

Although not being very extensive experience in mountain trekking has experiences in the Catalan and Aragonese Pyrenees and the Picos de Europa, which give him a physical preparation according to their functions in the expedition settling in the base camp. These functions will mainly be a symbiosis with Victor de la Torre Ruiz and will focus on the control and monitoring of all topics of meteorology, telemetry, tracks, …, as well as communications from Nepal with Spain in coordination with Dario Sintoni.

On the other hand, his role and experience in communication and multimedia designer for 30 years, and his 18 years with his own company pixelimperium.com, will be responsible for the collaboration with branding and digital communication platforms such as web, social networks, promotion online, marketing, …, with the help of Dario Sintoni who will be part of the team that remains in that before and throughout the project.

His passionate spirit in search of experiences and any possible contribution in social or humanitarian projects, embarks on this precious and passionate project to provide everything at his fingertips.

Daniel Vela Fontanals (Danny)


31 años, fotógrafo deportivo con una alta experiencia en el deporte y fotografía documental y social.


Especializado en el sector del motor y deportes extremos como MOTOCICLISMO, DOWNHILL, FREESTYLE MOTOCROSS, MOTOCROSS, SNOWBORAD, SKATEBOARD, BICICLETA ACROBATICA. Lo que más le hace avanzar es su espíritu intrépido, aventurero y solidario.

Su responsabilidad es documentar el proyecto con su fotografía.

Daniel Vela / Lifebelucky

Instagram: @lifebelucky